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6 Fashion Tips For Your Vinyasa Certification Classes


You have finally signed up for that yoga class that you have been talking about for the past few months. Now, the big challenge is to decide what to wear. Getting the right outfit will help you feel comfortable, bend, and stretch with ease during the class. However, getting the wrong gear can make the experience uncomfortable. If this is you, then you have come to the right place. Below are some of the yoga fashion tips to keep in mind and the outfits that you will need during your class.

Tank Top

Tank Tops

When choosing a yoga tank top, it is essential to choose one that will not slip over your head when you are inverted. This is why a loose-fitting top is not the best idea. Your tank top needs to be well-fitting and also long enough to cover your torso fully while you stretch. It will also help the yoga courses instructor to see how you are working your core and body alignment.

Calf Sleeves

Calf Compression Sleeves

During yoga, wearing shoes and socks is discouraged as they will interfere with the foot’s grip on the mat. That is why people do yoga barefoot. However, if you are susceptible to cold and are prone to calf cramps and soreness, then it is advised to wear compression calf sleeves. These will help you feel warm and will still enable you to move freely with flexibility.

Wear Good Quality Leggings in School for Smooth Transitions

The quality of your leggings will make a huge difference during your workout in school. Ensure that they are comfortable and not see-through. To ensure that they are opaque, you can try striking a downward dog pose and ask a friend if they are see-through or not. This is because it can be quite embarrassing to have see-through leggings. Also, ensure that they are flexible and do not slip down, especially with all the movements that you will be making.

Sports Bra

The first yoga fashion item that you should have as a female yogi is a good sports bra. This is especially important if you are big busted. You will need a bra that is supportive and gives you excellent coverage. No one wants their bra slipping out of place during a pose, as it can be quite distractful and embarrassing. Therefore, ensure that your sports bra will stay in place even during the Headstand pose, with no problem. If the yoga session is intense, then a lightweight bra is not the best option. Also, ensure that your bra has moisture management and also abrasion resistance to ensure that there is no chafing.

Gym & Exercise Mat

Exercise Mats

If it is your first time at a yoga studio, then it is advised to bring your mat. This is because you may find that other people have borrowed from the studio; therefore, there is no extra left for you. You will also feel more comfortable using your mat and should have one that is the right length and thickness for you. Also, you do not have to worry about how clean the rug is.

Workout Towel

It is crucial always to carry your own yoga towel when going for a class, especially if you sweat a lot. Your towel will also come in handy if your mat is slipping, and will help you get a grip on it.

As seen above, you need to be well prepared for your yoga class. Also, you need to ensure that you carry water since you will need to stay hydrated. With the above yoga fashion guide, you will be ready for your first class and be a step closer to achieving your fitness goals for the year. So, what else are you waiting for?